One Armed Citizen Against Three Armed Robbers; Guess Who Wins?

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Han Solo is famous for saying “Never tell me the odds.” It appears our shooter in this scenario subscribes to the same sentiment. When three armed robbers approached him, he didn’t back away.

Metro police are investigating after a man who was nearly robbed in East Nashville Monday night pulled out his own weapon and shot one of the would-be robbers.

According to police, three males approached a man and pointed a gun at him in an attempt to rob him. The man pulled out his own gun and fired at the males, striking at least one of them, officers said.

The person shot was transported to a hospital. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, police revealed.


The Breakdown

Unfortunately, there is not a ton of information to go on, but here is what we know. Our shooter was out alone when he sees three men coming towards him. As they close in they draw a gun on him and initiate a robbery attempt.

Instead of handing over whatever these thugs wanted, our shooter stood his ground. With a gun drawn on him, clearly his life was in danger. He quickly drew his own firearm and fired. Striking one of the would-be robbers, they fled the scene. Robbery attempt aborted.

The Bad

The man survived a 3-to-1 armed robbery attempt. It’s hard to say he did anything wrong. However, one thing we can mention, is the risk of drawing his firearm. When we find ourselves in these situations, we do have to ask ourselves what the risk is of drawing our firearm.

Would it have been safer to just hand over wallet and phone, and call the insurance company? Those things can be replaced, while your live cannot. Each of these situations are unique. If he felt his life was in danger no matter what he did, then drawing his firearm was the right thing to do.

The Good

The first step to protecting yourself from these kinds of incidents is to be armed, hopefully alongside training. Our armed citizen seems to have been prepared for whatever was coming his way. Furthermore, he had enough confidence in his skill to draw the weapon.

Secondly, he stood his ground. Knowing he had a firearm and confident in his ability, he was determined not to be a victim. It takes guts to go up against three people.

Third, he drew his firearm and did not hesitate in getting a shot off. Faced in these kinds of situations, it isn’t always easy to squeeze that trigger. Shooting another human being is never easy. By acting quick and getting a round off, he managed to save his life and end the robbery attempt.

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