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Armed Citizen Draws On Bad Guy, Police Show Up, Bad Guy Walks Away?

It’s not a typical occurrence, but it can happen when details and understanding is fuzzy. And, when video evidence isn’t readily available.

A guy was walking down the street when a bad guy noticed what he thought was an opportunity for a robbery. He puts his hand under his shirt and readies his finger gun.

His target, however, had a real gun and quickly drew on the unsuspecting criminal. He held him at gunpoint, checked him for weapons and called police.

When police arrived, they’re seen talking with both individuals to try and figure out what happened.

And then, just like that, the bad guy walks off into the moonlight.

It’s a wild thing to think about, but I can see how it happened given the ‘he said she said’ type of situation. The police obviously didn’t know about the surveillance video because if they did, there is no doubt that the bad guy would have been taken into custody.

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