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Man Tries Disarming Attempt With Multiple Bad Guys Present

To take a firearm away from a person who is pointing it at you is risky to say the least, but not impossible. It requires skill, patience, and knowledge of what to do in those moments, and having the ability to adapt to what’s happening in real-time is of course crucial.

The man in the video who went for the gun, Huckleberry Kidd, was shot a total of 6 times during the incident and miraculously survived.

It was a wild ride for sure, and a decision that I don’t think I would have personally made. It’s easy of course to watch a video and say what you would and wouldn’t do, but if the gun is already on me and I’m not high in confidence that I’d win a grab (not to mention multiple armed robbers were present), compliance may be the better option unless another window were to open.

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