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Wild Shootout During Home Invasion Leaves Both Homeowner, Intruder Shot

RAVENNA, OHIO — It was a two against one scenario, and although the homeowner was shot in the process, he did manage to score a hit on one of his targets. The two men fled the scene, but were caught several days later.

Investigators say the two men forced their way into a home in Rootstown on November 3 and exchanged gunfire with the homeowner. The homeowner and one of the suspects were shot.

Miller and Underwood were both arrested at different locations in Ravenna Tuesday after being on the run for several days.


The suspects were later caught, and between them had a small cache of weapons. Two handguns, a rifle and ammunition is certainly no arsenal, but police were happy to have them off the street.

Specific details of the shootout have not been released. However, it is clear the homeowner saved his own life that day by being armed. As we have seen many times before, when homeowners start shooting, even armed thugs tend to run. These home invaders, however, were prepared to fight and kill for their intended score.

Obviously these situations are unpredictable, but training in your home for a potential home invasion could give you an advantage. Knowing ahead of time the best places for cover, shooting angles, and retreat routes could make all the difference.

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