Range Gun VS Carry Gun

All too often, I see people that have a “Range gun” and a “Carry gun”. Often times at the range they end up training more with the range gun than their carry piece. Sometimes, the reason given is because the carry gun is too small and is uncomfortable to fire more than a magazine or two.

There is a simple solution: Buy something that is a tad larger and more comfortable to shoot. If this is a carry gun, it’s imperative that you practice with it as regularly as you can. I see this mostly with those that are new to concealed carry. They tend to lean toward the smallest gun they can find and are sometimes self-conscious, thinking anything other than the smallest thing on the market is likely to print. This choice in many cases, is a subcompact .380. The .380 is a fine round for self defense, with proper ammo. However the subcompact varieties are tough to control with average sized hands. They have their place for sure, and a subcompact in your pocket beats the heck out of a 1911 at home.

Personally, I carry a S&W MP9C in a Guardian holster from Nextholster.com. It’s not the slimmest thing on the market, however with a quality gun belt it conceals nicely.

Another reason I have heard; the range gun is more accurate (as it should be). Longer sight radius, generally larger sights, better grip and the list goes on. With proper selection of the carry gun and practice there’s no reason it shouldn’t be accurate enough at 10 yards. Practice breeds proficiency, nothing will help you hit your target like range time.

Bottom line, it’s imperative to train with your carry gun. If it’s what you trust your life with, then invest in some quality trigger time. Practice dry firing, magazine changes and drawing from concealment. Familiarity breeds proficiency. I used to carry a Star Firestar 40S&W as an EDC. Very painful to shoot, almost punishing. That thing had lot’s of sharp edges and was a handful with full power loads. Practice, practice and practice a little more.

Just remember not to be too self-conscious, concealing your piece is not that difficult. Proper belt, quality holster and proper dress around the gun. I will cover that portion in an upcoming article. After carrying for several years, I have learned a few tricks to pass along. Stay tuned…

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