Watch What This Guy Does After Finding A Trio Of Robbers In His Home

You either hide or you fight.

While guns don’t seem to be involved here on the target’s side (or maybe not even the bad guy’s side), it’s still always advised to stay out of harm’s way if no one is in immediate danger.

Tell that to this guy, though.

We’d never advocate doing this in the face of possible danger because the bad outcome possibilities are just too great to list, but we still can’t help but smile and laugh while watching what was caught on tape.

Defending property is always an area of heated discussion, and you always have two sides:

Side A: Property can be replaced, and no one is in immediate danger. Get somewhere safe and call the police.

Side B: Property is something that people work hard for, and the criminals may not get caught if you let them go. If you’re able, go after them.

In most cases, I’m more of a Side A person, unless I was threatened at some point during the encounter. Would I do as he did or draw my gun if a family member was inside? Absolutely. That’s a whole other ballgame.

What side would you find yourself on?

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