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Concealed Carrier Holds Suspected Prowler For Police To Collect

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A man from Chicago is facing charges for burglary after being caught by a concealed carry holder who held him at gunpoint until the police arrived, according to reports.

Tyler Hamlin, who already had two active felony warrants accrdong to CWB Chicago, was caught inside a garage in the 3500 block of North Fremont in Wrigleyville after entering through an unlocked door, according to prosecutors.

The concealed carry holder was alerted to the prowler’s presence on his porch by a security alert showing a man with a flashlight, and he went to the garage after the prowler walked out of the camera’s range.

The homeowner told Hamlin that he was armed and ordered him to show his hands while his wife called emergency services.

“The police were here in about 45 seconds, and he couldn’t get out of the garage. I was standing in the door,” said the homeowner according to CWB Chicago.

Despite having a bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender and women’s studies from UIC, Hamlin’s defense attorney revealed he is unemployed and unhoused.

You can make your own joke about the worth of that degree here.

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