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Concealed Carrier Shoots Self, Shoots Attacker During Attempted Robbery

Article updated to reflect the fact that the armed citizen did not make it. After being forced into a life or death situation, the armed citizen discharged a round that struck himself, a wound that would later take his life at the hospital.

PARIS TOWNSHIP, OHIO — Interesting story out of Ohio about an attempted robbery. When it comes to these kinds of shooting stories, we rarely get one with both good and bad elements for the concealed carrier. But here we go:

Authorities say the victim did shoot one of the suspects before they fled the scene.  The suspect who was shot was taken to Mercy Medical Center where he is being treated for his injuries.

Officials say the robbery victim also suffered what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was transported to Aultman Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Via Fox8 Cleveland

So our concealed carrier is being robbed by two men and in self defense, he draws his gun. Now this is where things go a little weird. After drawing his firearm he manages to shoot one of the robbers and himself. The second robber runs off.

The details in the news article does not provide further details. So we’ll have to look at a couple of scenarios that might have happened. First, in an attempt to quickly draw his gun with adrenaline pumping, he accidentally shoots himself while drawing. Despite shooting himself, he still manages to get some rounds off and shoots one of the attackers.

Another scenario might be that after drawing his firearm, there was a struggle for control of the gun. During the struggle he shot himself before regaining full control of the gun and shooting his attacker. An alternative to this is that both he and the attacker were shot while struggling over control.

A third scenario is that maybe after he had shot his attacker and the threat was clear, he shot himself when he tried to re-holster his firearm. As unfortunate any of these scenarios are, we have seen them all happen before.

For this incident, the armed citizen did not make it as a result of the gunshot wound to himself that he had unintentionally fired. It’s a sad day when the good guy doesn’t make it, especially when forced into a situation of life or death.

During a shooting event like this there are so many emotions and so much adrenaline going through you. If you have not trained for these kinds of scenarios, there is a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. Although training is time consuming and can be expensive, it can also save your life.

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