Intended Victim Displays Handgun To Home Intruder. Guess What His Next Move Is? RUNNNN!

MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA — A woman successfully managed to stop an intruder after she was able to retrieve her gun. According to the police report, she was struck in the face with a blunt object after stepping out her front door to attend to her dog. She attests that the lone male intruder pushed past her but stopped dead in his tracks when she leveled her handgun in his direction. He fled without incident.

Unfortunately, she was unable to identify the man according to the Grand Forks Herald.

It’s a case that easily could have gotten a lot worse than it did.

While she did get hit in the face, she didn’t require medical attention when first responders arrived. No shots were fired and outside of the fright of getting assaulted right outside one’s front door, she appeared to be otherwise fine. It certainly shakes up our calm when we get greeted by bad at our own front door. It’s important to realize that bad guys prey upon complacency. Their opportunity to strike hinges on us letting our guard down.

Part of maintaining a concealed carry mentality is never getting too complacent with our own surroundings. Familiarity is not safety.

This attack occurred approximately around 7 pm. This wasn’t a late night assault or an early morning breaking-and-entering. Someone planned on making his move with time left to catch a TiVO of Better Call Saul.

A second item that could have been a much greater problem was that the homeowner had to retrieve her gun from a drawer. When seconds matter, the delay of retrieving a gun from a cabinet can make all the difference in the world for a potential attacker. If the burglar had any inclination whatsoever of bringing harm to this woman, he likely would have pushed his advantage right then and there. Thankfully, he didn’t.

We can’t always count on that same leniency.

Carry everyday — especially at home.

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