Knife Attack in France Leaves Woman Beheaded and Two Others Dead

NICE, FRANCE — Mayor Christian Estrosi said that an attack on churchgoers left three citizens dead; a woman who was beheaded another woman and a man.  Estrosi stated that the knife-wielding assailant was heard saying “Allahu Akbar”, a Muslim term for “God is Greatest.” He continued shouting the phrase repeatedly as he was apprehended by police and Estrosi commented that “the meaning of his gesture left no doubt”. The man was injured during the arrest and was treated an area hospital.

Authorities immediately locked down the neighborhood and reportedly detonated a number of suspicious objects. French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he will more than double the number of soldiers from 3,000 to 7,000, to protect against further attacks.

A teacher was also beheaded earlier this month after sharing a satirical cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad while teaching a lesson on freedom of expression. Tensions have been high throughout the country, exacerbated by Thursdays murders.

The ability of residents to carry firearms for personal self-defense are almost non-existent in France, with no civilian carry allowed in any public place.  The one exemption is for persons who are “exposed to exceptional risks in their life”. They may apply for a one-year carry license, which allows them to carry a handgun and up to 50 rounds of ammunition, but the granting of such licenses is extremely rare.

Repeated and on-going efforts in the United States, if successful, could place American citizens under the same circumstances. Do you think it can’t happen here?  Did you ever think that you would be prohibited from attending church, visiting an elderly family member in a nursing home, going to work or going out for dinner and a movie?  Never assume that the freedoms that you have today will be here tomorrow.

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