[VIDEO] Taurus World: 5 Taurus Handguns Reviewed

Americans love budget priced firearms. The Taurus G2c has been among the hottest selling pistols across the country. Just ask any gun store owner. They will tell you the Taurus G2c is hard to keep in the showcase. People are amazed with the $200 – $250 price along with the size, capacity, ergonomics and features. Taurus G2c owners often brag about how many rounds their G2c endured without any failures. All things considered, this is one hot budget handgun.

Being such a hot selling pistol, we would expect that Taurus would sit back and allow the sales and dough to continue to pour in, right? Not even close! Taurus upgraded the popular G2c with enhanced features and created the Taurus G3c. The Taurus G3c is a “3rd generation” Taurus pistol that offers shooters a lot of gun for the money. They kept the size and weight the same as the G2c. Most importantly, Taurus kept the G3c in the budget price category with a $305.74 MSRP.

This review is called, “Taurus Handgun World” because there is a lot more to Taurus USA. Taurus is well known for an excellent series of revolvers. Everything from large .357 magnum to .22LR revolvers, Taurus produces them. I have reviewed several Taurus revolvers and can verify that they are very well built. Couple their revolver collection with their vast line of semi-auto handguns and one will experience several quality “budget” firearms. 

Check out the videos attached and let us know your favorite Taurus firearm. Are you a Taurus fan or do you feel there are better guns out there for the money?


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