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71-Year-Old Philly Man Empties Gun On Two Armed Robbers

NORTH PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — A 71-year-old man is recovering in the hospital after exchanging gunfire with two armed robbers. The man was shot in the leg during the incident, which happened around 11:15 pm Thursday as he was going out to pick up some Chinese food.

As he was walking, two men came out of a breezeway and announced a robbery.

“At night, I would keep my hand on my pistol in my pocket in case I have to pull it out,” 71-year-old Henry Joel told ABC 6. “It finally came to reality that I had to use it.”

Joel immediately pulled out his revolver and fired, pulling the trigger until the gun was empty. The robbers fired back, striking Joel in the leg and breaking his ankle.

“They raised a gun to begin shooting. I raised mine, and we just started shooting,” Joel said from his hospital bed. “I don’t know if I hit one of them, but I’m pretty sure I hurt them because they were in the area I was at, basically, and I got shot in the bottom part of the leg, which broke my bone.”

Police are still searching for the suspects, who took off on foot after the shooting. It is not known if either was injured during the exchange.

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