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Man “In Good Spirits” After Shooting Himself In The Testicle While Holstering

A man at a Texas gun range was attempting to holster his firearm, when something went terribly wrong.

Police say that when he was attempting to holster, something (negligence) made the gun go off and send a bullet into a part of his manhood.

“He was trying to place it back in the holster and somehow hit the slide release or the safety and it actually went off,” Guadalupe County Sgt. Donny White said.

via local media

An employee of the range, that was helping the man at the time, went to him immediately and offered help. He was able to stop the bleeding within one minute.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment, and hopefully some valuable lessons learned.

While the Sgt. states that he ‘hit the slide release or the safety’, I’d challenge that assessment and say that either the man was using an improper or inadequate holster for the firearm, or something got into the trigger guard such as a piece of clothing.

Whatever the case, negligent discharges are 100% avoidable, every time. Let’s always be mindful of what we are doing when handling firearms. Always.

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