78-Year-Old Man Shoots And Kills Neighbor Over Tree Trimming Dispute

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — A 78-year-old man from Florida is facing charges of second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor during a dispute over tree trimming along their property lines. The incident occurred in DeLeon Springs, approximately 45 miles north of Orlando, according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

The victim, Brian Ford, 42, was engaged in trimming tree limbs near the property fence when his neighbor, Edward Druzolowski, confronted him. Druzolowski claimed he initially threatened to shoot Ford, but when Ford failed to leave the area, Druzolowski followed through with the threat, resulting in Ford’s tragic death.

In a call to 911, Druzolowski’s wife described the shooting as an attempt to scare Ford, indicating that he had not intended to take a life.

During his interview with the police, Druzolowski stated that he had instructed Ford to leave his property, to which Ford responded with profanity and continued advancing. Druzolowski alleged that he fired his weapon after Ford ignored the warning and moved closer, fearing for his safety.

Druzolowski, who hadn’t communicated with Ford in years, explained that he had confronted his neighbor due to concerns about his reputation and the potential threat Ford posed. He also cited health issues, including osteoporosis, as factors contributing to his decision to use deadly force.

Ultimately, Druzolowski’s decision to shoot Ford has led to his arrest and pending legal proceedings. This tragic incident underscores the importance of conflict resolution through peaceful means and the potential consequences of resorting to violence.

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