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You Can Either Have A Gun Or Fight Someone Else For Theirs: Victim Wrestles Gun From Intruder

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — The occupant of a home was forced to confront an intruder going through his clothing drawers. When confronted, the burglar pulled a gun. A physical altercation took place and the occupant was lucky enough to get the intruder’s gun out of his control.

Affidavits sourced by Fox News San Antonio say that the occupant of the home successfully shot Rollings who was then arrested by police and charged with burglary.

This is the type of stress no one needs.

Imagine waking up in your home to the sight of a complete stranger rummaging through your belongings. When you confront him, he pulls out a gun. Because you don’t have a gun, you’re then stuck either being a victim or taking your chances in close quarter combat.

Close quarters combat should be a last resort. Even well-trained martial artists can’t guarantee a 100% good outcome from fighting a man with a gun already pointed at them.

Unfortunately, that’s the price homeowners and citizens pay when they don’t have a gun. In this specific scenario, it worked out. You don’t have to look far in the news to find examples of when it doesn’t work out.

Home defense is the first duty of any law-abiding citizen. Your home is your responsibility. The safety of those living under your roof is your responsibility. Just like we don’t advocate for negligently shooting through doors or not checking targets before pulling the trigger, we don’t recommend you go check the status of a potential break-in without a gun on hand.

Good on this homeowner for successfully fighting his way out of a really bad situation. Let’s take it as a reminder that just because you don’t own a gun, you can still become the victim of a bad guy armed with one.

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