Man Shot Dead While Pumping Gas, Others Injured During Mobile Shooting Spree In Pennsylvania


UPPER MACUNGIE TWP., PENNSYLVANIA — Two people are dead and another injured after a man with a gun began firing at people, seemingly at random. The motive is unclear and may never be known, but police won’t yet rule out that it could have begun as a case of road rage.

Police believe the incident began around 5 am this morning on the street when the suspect’s vehicle had some kind of encounter with another vehicle. He fired on that vehicle, but the driver didn’t realize that she had been shot at until later on.

In an apparent coincidence, the driver of that vehicle stopped at a WaWa gas station and noticed a bullet hole. It’s the same gas station that the suspect went to where he began shooting at other people.

Investigators say he fired at a Jeep and struck the driver. Police said the driver of the Jeep was receiving treatment for injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening.

Then, in the same parking lot, Lian shot a truck driver who was pumping gas into his vehicle, District Attorney Jim Martin said.

That victim, 31-year-old Ramon Ramirez of Allentown, died of his injuries, police said.


The suspect then shot himself after running away from the scene.

This is why we carry, and this is why we promote the carrying of firearms by responsible citizens. Pumping gas, grocery shopping, or a trip to the mall can become a nightmare if a bad guy shows up at the same time. With more armed citizens, we’ll all be safer.

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