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Family Birthday Party Turns Deadly As Fight Breaks Out, Knife Wielding Aggressor Is Shot, Killed


LAKELAND, GEORGIA — Two men, who are family members by marriage, disrupted a family birthday party when an altercation broke out between them. One of the men was asked to leave and he complied. A short time later though he came back to the party, this time with a knife.

A short while later, while the homeowner and others were in the driveway near the highway, the agitated man returned, became aggressive, and at some point, brandished a knife, striking a family member and moving toward someone armed with a handgun, the statement said.

As the man approached, a single round was fired from the pistol and the man collapsed, according to the sheriff’s office.

via Valdosta Daily Times

The altercation seemed to have been solved when one of the men left as per the homeowners request. However, things turned for the worse when the recently exiled man came back. When he returned he was further aggravated and came armed with a knife. It wasn’t long before he used that knife on one family member and starting going after another.

At this point the shooter had little choice. This man had already been in an altercation earlier and was asked to leave. He came back and started attacking people with a knife. The shooter needed to end the threat ASAP, and with one shot, he did.

After shooting the knife-wielding family member, the shooter immediately put him into the car and drove him to the hospital. It is clear the shooter did not want inflict harm on his family member, and tried to save his life after the shooting. Unfortunately, the one shot was fatal.

The police are not pressing charges, as this was clearly a case of self defense.

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