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Homeowner Fires 30 Rounds In 90 Seconds At Pool Cleaner He Mistook For Intruder

DUNEDIN, FLORIDA — A pool cleaner’s late evening visit to a residence led to a frightening encounter. The homeowner, suspecting an intruder, discharged his firearm but will not face charges, per Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Around 9 p.m., the pool technician from Bay Area Pool Techs came to the house for servicing, unbeknownst to the homeowners. The unexpected noises from the pool area alarmed one of the homeowners, who saw an unfamiliar man and raised the alarm. Despite her calls for the man to leave, he continued his work, oblivious to her fears.

Consequently, her husband grabbed an AR-15 rifle from their room, reacting to the perceived threat. Spotting a flashlight approaching the door, he fired two rounds, inadvertently hitting the technician with bullet and glass fragments. In the ensuing panic, the homeowner unloaded a total of 30 rounds towards the pool area within a span of 90 seconds.

The pool cleaner, who had been serving the household for about half a year to a year, was later hospitalized for minor injuries. He was late to the house due to previous commitments, and failed to inform the homeowners about his delayed arrival.

According to the PCSO, the homeowner’s actions fell within the jurisdiction of Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, signifying no crime had taken place. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri summed it up as “lawful but awful.”

This incident underlines the crucial importance of proper target identification before even considering the use of a firearm. A hasty reaction, influenced by fear or misunderstanding, can lead to regrettable and potentially tragic outcomes. Accurate knowledge of the situation and the target is paramount to prevent such unnecessary escalation and ensure personal safety, a reminder that rings especially true for firearm owners.

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