Thought Of The Day: Daily Carry Vs Disaster Carry

I moved to Florida earlier in the year from New York, and it was a great decision. There have been a lot of firsts down here, and the most recent was figuring out and surviving a Hurricane.

I reported a few times that the Governor had signed legislation a few years back that allows concealed carry for FL residents during mandatory evacuations, and it’s valid for 48 hours (and can be extended).

Upon discussion with many gun people, however, I found that they don’t tend to take carrying a firearm very seriously.

I could be talking to the wrong people, but they’re in the gun-owning percentage, and many of them have their concealed carry permits.

During a few conversations, a few of them expressed their need to carry during and after the Hurricane. Their reasons were simple and just as you’d expect:

  • If someone tries to look my home, I want to be ready
  • If someone pulls a gun on me at the gas station, I want to be ready
  • If SHTF, I want to be ready
  • I don’t want to have to go and get my gun, I want to be ready

While I understand that a natural disaster brings out many criminals to take advantage of the situation, I also understand that thousands of people each day are faced with the same criminals. Carrying under circumstance isn’t the best way to do it, IMO. It should be a routine that they take along with them each day, but it’s not like that with everyone.

Maybe they feel that their day-to-day activities are safer than the aftermath of a hurricane, and they’re probably right. But, in the end, we’ll never know when disaster will strike. I’m not talking about a natural disaster; I’m talking about a potential disaster when that same thug wants to rob you at gunpoint in the supermarket parking lot.

Your day just got unsafe, and your firearm is at home. Why? Because there’s no hurricane.

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