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Nebraska Hotel Shooting Proven To Be Self-Defense

NORTH PLATTE, NEBRASKA – On September 18th, a shooting between two friends was proven to be a self-defense case. The man who was shot did not succumb to the gunshot wounds but was being treated for serious injuries at the Nebraska Medical Center.

The man who opened fire was living in a hotel and had a friend over for a meal. After a little time of drinking, the friend who was visiting became aggressive. The man who was staying in the hotel asked his friend multiple times to leave.

An argument ensued, and the guest began to threaten the host saying he was going to kill him. Law enforcement reported that the guest took out a knife and the host feared for his life. It was then that the host opened fire.

When authorities arrived, the host was on site and cooperated with law enforcement.

The investigation continued and the shooter was brought it for questioning, but it was determined he acted in self-defense and no charges are being filed.

This shooting is an example of how cases of self-defense can stem, not from random occurrences in public, but from domestic disputes between family or friends. In this case, the inhibitions of alcohol drove the two friends to get angry and one friend took it too far causing threats and fear for life.

When you’re carrying concealed, do you best to be of clear mind and prepared to put your focus on remaining diligent and being accurate.

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