[FIREARM REVIEW] Rock Island Armory BBR 3.10 Sub-Compact 1911

Rock Island Armory recently introduced a new sub-compact pistol to their 1911 line called the RIA BBR 3.10. The BBR 3.10 is a short and stout double stack 1911 (or 2011) that carries a whopping 10 rounds of .45 ACP in the magazine. That is some serious firepower for a sub-compact .45 ACP handgun.


Last year, Rock Island Armory floated out pictures of an identical looking pistol called the RIA Warrior. Many fans of 1911 handguns (including me) were extremely interested in the RIA Warrior. The Warrior was never officially released leaving many people wondering what happened. The RIA BBR 3.10 is basically a Warrior 1911 with a few minor adjustments. Rock Island 1911 fans can rest assured the BBR 3.10 will be available for purchase in October or early November at the latest. 

The Rock Island BBR 3.10 is like taking a hacksaw to the slide and grip on a full-size double stack 1911. It has a 3.1 inch barrel with an overall height of 5.5 inches. The overall length is 6.3 inches making this little 1911 pistol short and thick. Being that it uses a double-stack magazine in .45 ACP, the BBR 3.10 has a fat grip. It’s definitely a handful when gripping the gun. However, the thumb safety and magazine release are easily reachable with the strong side thumb. 

The RIA BBR 3.10 has a three-dot sight system. The rear sight is adjustable and the front sight is orange fiber optic. The standard 1911 beavertail grip safety is shortened to fit the small size of the pistol but functions just as a full size 1911 pistol. The G10 grips have a nice and aggressive texture to them. At this point, I am not sure if thinner G10 grips will be available but if sales for this handgun take off, I’m sure companies will provide them.

The Rock Island Armory website states the trigger weight is between five and seven pounds. I measured the single-action trigger to break at 5.5 pounds. The trigger is adjustable and like most 1911’s it’s smooth with a very short reset. Many people who purchase this handgun will carry it therefore I think the current trigger weight suits this pistol nicely. 

Rock Island uses a dull parkerized finish on their 1911 handguns and the BBR 3.10 is no different. Both the slide and the frame matte black finish is consistent with other RIA 1911’s. The Rock Island logo is tastefully positioned on the back end of the slide and the 3.10 engraving is located on the left side forend. The rear slide serrations are cut similar to the other Rock Island 1911’s.


Caliber: .45 ACP

Overall Length: 6.3”

Overall Width: 1.3”

Overall Height:` 5.5”

Barrel Length: 3.1”

Trigger Pull: 5 – 7 lbs, 5.5 lbs (my scale)

Action: Semi-Auto, Recoil Operated

# of Grooves: 6

Weight, Empty: 1.93 lbs

Front Sight: Dovetail Mounted Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Adjustable

Grips: G-10

Frame Finish: Parkerized

Slide Finish: Parkerized

The greatest assets for Rock Island Armory BBR 3.10 is the magazine capacity along with the clean machining. They were able to pack 10 rounds of .45 ACP into a double-stack sub-compact magazine. Considering the standard Government size 1911 uses an eight round .45 ACP single-stack magazine, it’s clear that 10 rounds is much higher capacity especially for a sub-compact pistol. Rock enjoys an excellent reputation for quality budget firearms and I think this BBR 3.10 is a fine addition.   

The MSRP for the RIA BBR 3.10 is $699 however I feel the average gun store price will be somewhere in the upper $500’s. For those who love, collect, carry or compete with 1911’s, this BBR 3.10 is worth a look. Check out the video attached and let us know your thoughts on the new RIA BBR 3.10.


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