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[VIDEO] Exclusive Look: Review of the new Steyr L9-A2 MF

During Shot Show 2019, Steyr unveiled their improved and feature loaded handguns called the A2 MF (Modular Frame) models. This created a lot of excitement as reviewers and enthusiasts rushed to the Steyr booth to check it out. When I first held the new handgun, I was amazed at how well the pistol felt in my hand. Steyr took an incredibly comfortable handgun with the A1 series and made the ergonomics even better with the A2 MF models.

Steyr re-designed the entire grip. Interchangeable grip panels and backstraps are now available to custom fit the shooters hand size. They also changed the grip stippling to a more gritty stipple that feels incredible. The magwell was flared out for faster magazine changes and the beavertail was extended for a higher grip and more control of the pistol. The magazines have witness holes on both sides and Steyr is now using a orange magazine follower. Orange followers make it easier for shooters to visually know their magazine round count by seeing orange color in the witness holes..

The for-end dust cover now features a full 1913 picatinny rail and the slide has forward serrations which is new for the A2 MF models. Steyr also added a loaded chamber indicator that sits flush on the upper backplate of the slide. When a round is loaded, a small tab extends out. It is both visual and easy to feel. The advantage of the loaded chamber indicator position is that the shooter can run their thumb over the slide backplate to check the chamber status without having to remove the pistol from the holster.

The previous Steyr A1 models had a serial number tag on the dust cover and engraved on the slide and the barrel. The new “Modular Frame” frame pistols use a serialized chassis that is removable. Steyr will soon have exchange kits available for shooters who want various frame colors and sizes. This will allow shooters the option of buying one handgun and using its internal chassis with other frame sizes and colors. It is actually a cost savings method for shooters who want several choices while only buying one pistol. It is important to note that Steyr was the first company to produce modular firearms.

Die hard Steyr handgun fans need not worry because the trigger and internal mechanics of the pistol did not change. I was pleased to learn and experience that because I have always felt that the Steyr’s trigger action is smooth and light. It has a crisp break and short reset. I am not sure what Steyr could possibly do to improve upon the trigger so leaving it “as is” was a comforting decision to those who love the Steyr trigger.

Steyr uses a “trapezoidal” sight system. I remember the first time I shot a Steyr pistol, I was told to fill the in front triangle with the angled rear sights. I did that and was amazed at how accurate the Steyr pistol shot. Since then, I have been touting its accuracy and telling my viewers to, “fill it in.” There are however shooters who prefer the standard three-dot sight system.

Steyr has worked hard with aftermarket companies to offer additional sight systems, including night sights, to the Steyr pistols. The lack of aftermarket support that concerned shooters in the past is no longer an issue with the new A2 MF models.

Many people are wondering if the A2 MF models will be available on all of the “New” Steyr handguns. Steyr will produce the A2 MF models with their C, M, and L series of pistols. Shooters should keep in mind that the exchange kits will be available which allows for more choices with less money spent.


Model: L9-A2 MF

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine Capacity: 10 or 17 Rounds

Barrel Length: 4.5 inches

Sights: Trapezoid

Safety: Trigger Safety, Drop Safety, Indirect Firing Pin Safety, Manual Lock

Trigger Type: 5 Pound with T.R.S. (Trigger Reset System)

Grip: Polymer with interchangable, textured backstraps and grips

Weight, empty: 1.7 pounds

Overall Length: 7.9 inches

Height: 5.6 inches

Width: 1.3 inches

At the range, the new Steyr L9-A2 MF was, as expected, incredible. It shot so accurate I felt like I was cheating. I have always shot Steyr handguns well however this new model gave an “enhanced” shooting experience.

With both videos included with this review, viewers can watch how well I shot this Steyr L9-A2 MF handgun. Transitioning from target to target was quick along with shooting controlled pairs. Notice in the range review video how well I shot the small five inch targets from past 10 yards. I cannot do that as quickly with many handguns I own.

The confidence I felt with shooting the Steyr L9-A2 MF was strong. Being that I have enjoyed the A-1 Steyr handguns for years, the A2 MF series of Steyr pistols is very exciting to me. The improvements and upgrades are substantial. Steyr took an amazing pistol and made it better with the A2 MF models. I look forward to much more range time when these arrive in the United States and become available to the public.

The MSRP is $675 for the A2 MF models. We will have to wait and see what price your local gun store will sell them for. Look for the new Steyr handguns to make their way to the competitive, home defense and concealed carry market in the near future. I think it will make big waves in the firearm industry.

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