Campus Shooting At “Gun Free” NAU — 1 Dead, 3 Wounded, Gunman In Custody


FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA — Northern Arizona University officials confirm that a shooting has occurred in the parking lot of their Mountainview Hall Residence at approximately before 1:20 am PDT.  The school confirms that three were wounded, one killed, and the shooter is believed to be in custody.  According to statements released through AZCentral News, the campus was not evacuated and police released an official statement at 6 am PDT (9 am EST).

Two student groups got into a physical confrontation in a parking lot near Mountainview Hall Residence.  A student (who will not be named here) produced a handgun and shot four other students.  The gunman was an 18-year-old.  After shooting four students, he was taken into custody by NAUPD officers without resistance.  The health and status of the three wounded students remains unknown at this time.


Northern Arizona University Is A “Gun Free” Campus

According to the Northern University Police website, firearms and weapons can only be kept secured in the person’s vehicle.  Possessing a firearm in either a dormitory or any other place on campus is prohibited according to school policy.


Specifically, handguns are apparently not allowed in campus housing.  This is covered in the “Personal Safety and Wellness” of Northern Arizona University’s policy.

5.2 Handguns: Any and all types of pistols … are prohibited on campus and within University housing at all times.

Northern Arizona University’s “Weapons Policy“, also published through the NAUPD’s website, pretty much rules out any law-abiding citizen’s ability to possess or keep a gun on them while on campus.  It seems possible a student, employee, or faculty member may store a firearm in a vehicle… That’s about it.

Prohibited acts concerning weapons
Use, possession, display, or storage of any weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive material or device, fireworks, bomb-making materials or dangerous chemical on university property, at a university sponsored activity or in violation of law or university policy, is not permitted unless one of the following exceptions apply:

The person is transporting or storing a lawfully possessed firearm within a motor vehicle. If the vehicle is unattended, the firearm must be either within a locked compartment or within a locked vehicle. The firearm must also be stored out of plain sight. The university may require those choosing to store firearms within their vehicles to park in designated areas.

The person is authorized to carry weapons by Arizona or federal statutes concerning law enforcement officers.

The person is authorized in writing by university officials with the authority to grant permission to possess weapons for academic or other legitimate university business.

Non-compliance will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, arrest.

We’ll certainly find out more about the shooting at 6 am PDT when the official press conference is scheduled.

Senator John McCain, R-AZ, released the following statement concerning this most recent school shooting:

“My thoughts and prayers are with families of the person who was killed and the three others who were wounded in the horrific shooting on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff early this morning. I appreciate the efforts of all state and local law enforcement officials, first-responders and school administrators, and continue to pray for the recovery of the injured, as well as all those in the NAU community who have been impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

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