[VIDEO] Standoff After Man Chases Down Thieves, But They’re Also Armed

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — An armed citizen was on the hunt for a pair of men who had stolen some tools from his shed. He apparently followed them, and at some point both vehicles stopped.

According to police, the two suspects pointed guns at the man, and he in return went to get his gun from his truck. And pointed it at them.

Workers at the business started recording the incident after noticing what appeared to be an altercation between men in a parking lot near 1700 South and 1800 West.

The witnesses started to yell at the men when they noticed one of them had a gun who then pointed it at a driver in a white pickup truck.

via abc4.com

He then demanded his tools back.

Apparently, they took off and the man still doesn’t have his tools.

Risking his life for his tools.

Here is a video of the incident:

While I understand that his tools may very well be the things that put food on the table, he’d also have a hard time putting food on the table if he were dead.

Going after and hunting down suspects isn’t a job for the armed citizen. That’s for the police. If one truly wants to go after a suspect, do so from a distance while on the phone with police. Give them the location that you’re headed, a description of the vehicle and suspects, and keep your distance.

Pointing your gun at two people who already have you in their sights is just asking for it.

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