WILD ENCOUNTER: Officer Gives Bystander A Gun To Help Stop Armed Suspect

On April 10, 2023, an Oregon State Police trooper named Andrew Tuttle was driving on Interstate 5 when he noticed a stalled semi-trailer in the middle lane. As he approached the trailer, he saw a 31-year-old man named Felipe Amezcua Manzo in the roadway with a gun. Amezcua Manzo pointed the gun at the driver of the semi-trailer and then at the driver of another vehicle before noticing Tuttle and fleeing.

Tuttle chased Amezcua Manzo into a ditch, where the suspect aimed his gun at Tuttle and fired. Tuttle returned fire and reloaded his gun twice before Amezcua Manzo fell to the ground. Amezcua Manzo was pronounced dead at the scene, and Tuttle sustained a minor injury to his left arm. No other injuries were reported.

One of the craziest parts of this incident was when a man approached Tuttle holding a badge in the air, and asked if Tuttle had any firearms in his vehicle that he could use to help. After Tuttle asks to see his badge again, he grabs a handgun he’s carrying around his ankle and gives it to the man, who was an off-duty officer.

That officer didn’t have a firearm on his person because he was traveling to Canada, a place where you’re not able to legally bring a firearm.

Luckily, everything turned out alright for the good guys, but this sure is a crazy and wild video to watch.

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