Report: Shooting Outside Glendale Smoke Shop Was Self-Defense

GLENDALE, ARIZONA — Detectives in Glendale are investigating a late-night shooting incident that occurred outside Smoke Casa on April 6, at a strip mall near 65th Avenue and Glendale.

The owner of the smoke shop, Ouday Muslet, reported that the incident unfolded when an armed individual entered the store just before closing and attacked his employee, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

According to Muslet, the employee managed to shoot the attacker in the leg, but the assailant subsequently aimed a gun at the employee’s head.

The attacker then took the employee’s gun and fled the scene, brandishing both weapons. The employee grabbed another firearm from the store and shot the assailant outside.

Muslet defended his employee’s actions, saying, “Do you wait to see what he’s gonna do? Not necessarily, we’re talking about life or death here.” The injured man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Muslet expressed frustration that his employee was detained, as he believes the employee acted in self-defense.

He added, “My employee is okay, hopefully that guy will be OK, but we had somebody come and threaten someone’s life, and we defended ourselves.” The investigation is ongoing.

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