Sig Sauer Responds To Lawsuit That Alleges The P320 Is Unsafe


A New Hampshire gun manufacturer, Sig Sauer, is rejecting allegations by a Maine detective, Deputy David Cole, who claims that one of the company’s handguns is faulty and susceptible to misfiring. Cole filed a lawsuit in July, alleging that a P320 pistol malfunctioned and shot him while he was executing a search warrant in 2022. He argues that the company knew about these issues but continued to promote the firearm to law enforcement agencies nationwide. The lawsuit, now in federal court, asserts that there have been over a hundred similar incidents of unintended discharges with the P320.

Sig Sauer has responded with a comprehensive 40-page rebuttal, denying accusations of defects, lack of safety mechanisms, and hazardous conditions in their pistol. They challenge the characterization of their safety manual and past advertisements, including one from 2017 where they upgraded the P320 to meet regulatory standards. Sig Sauer asserts that industry standards govern firearm production and maintains that the P320 adheres to relevant industry criteria for handling under adverse conditions.

The company contests the portrayal of the P320’s construction, operation, and the claim that it can misfire without trigger engagement. They emphasize that the gun is designed to fire exclusively when the trigger is deliberately pulled, similar to other firearms. Sig Sauer highlights the dismissal of similar claims in other instances due to insufficient substantiation or inability to replicate the issues. They point out cases where experts determined that the only conceivable way for the firearm to discharge was through direct trigger activation.

Cole’s legal representatives previously stated awareness of more than 120 instances of unintentional P320 discharges, citing examples involving law enforcement officers, federal agents, civilians, and corrections officers. Sig Sauer addressed these cases, noting that some incidents were attributed to improper handling or inadvertent trigger pulls rather than inherent firearm flaws.

Michael Bigos, Cole’s attorney, expressed surprise at Sig Sauer’s comprehensive response and their inclination to attribute numerous occurrences to similar causes involving law enforcement personnel. The legal dispute continues as both parties present their arguments and evidence surrounding the alleged defects and unintended discharges associated with the Sig Sauer P320 pistol.


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