[VIDEO] 20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns in 2019


Every year, the gun world is introduced to new handguns. As a reviewer, I enjoy learning and studying what handguns are produced and for what purposes they are used. 2019 was no different as this year manufacturers pumped out many “interesting” handguns that are turning shooter’s heads.

This review is called, “20 Interesting “NEW” Handguns for 2019.” I was able to acquire 20 new and exciting handguns. There are a few that were exclusive to my review as they have not yet been released to the public. For the most part, most of the models are out and available to shooters to purchase and enjoy.

This review features everything from full-size competition pistols to micro 9mm handguns for concealed carry. It also features three excellent .22 LR handguns that perform outstanding. Take a look and be amazed at what handguns 2019 has to offer.

CZ P-10S

Many CZ fans wondered when they would produce a smaller version of the popular CZ P-10C. In early 2019, CZ enthusiasts got their wish with the CZ P-10S. The CZ P-10S is a subcompact 9mm pistol that is optic ready with a tritium dot front sight. The trigger and slide action is incredibly smooth. The CZ P-10S shoots as accurate as the CZ P-10C but in a smaller configuration and CZ fans couldn’t be happier.

Glock 43X

In early 2019, Glock introduced their new Glock 43X. They took their popular Glock 43 and extended the grip and magazine to carry 10 rounds of 9mm. Glock also added front slide serrations and a PVD silverish finish on the slide. All of the other features that Glock fans have come to love remained the same. The trigger, sights and internal mechanics were not altered. The Glock 43X instantly became a “must have” in the CCW world. It will be interesting to see what aftermarket companies will develop improve the new Glock design.

Ruger Wrangler

Ruger shocked the revolver world when they introduced the “Cowboy Action” .22 LR revolver called the Wrangler. It’s a six shot single action revolver with a 4.6” barrel. The Wrangler would be an excellent training firearm for beginners or children. It is inexpensive and easy to shoot. The Wrangler is a sharp looking revolver that is offered in silver, black or bronze cerakote colors.

Sig Sauer P320 XCompact

In 2019, Sig Sauer did it again by lighting the handgun world on fire with their new Sig P320 XCompact. The XCompact is a sub-compact 9mm pistol with a full size grip. It has a 3.6 inch barrel and magazines that carry 15 rounds. It comes standard with Sig’s X-Ray 3 night sights and an optic ready slide. Shooters love Sig’s new handgun due to it’s small size, many features, mag capacity and flat trigger with a very short reset. At the range, the Sig P320 XCompact performed as well as the hype it received. Very accurate and smoother shooting, the Sig Sauer P320 XCompact is a huge hit for 2019.

Steyr L9 A2 MF

For 2019, Steyr Arms re-designed the entire grip creating the most comfortable ergonomics on any handgun. They now use a gritty stippling, have interchangeable grip panels and backstraps, and have a flared out magwell. Steyr added an extended beavertail and forward slide serrations to complete the A2 changes. The “MF” stands for “Modular Frame” which means the trigger component group is serialized which allows the user to switch the frame to a different color or size.

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