Four Teens Attempt Armed Robbery, Not Counting On Their Intended Victim Being Armed

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The delinquent teens started their life of crime off with a little success. They managed to rob a pickup truck the night before the armed robbery attempt. Unfortunately, this was the end of their current crime spree.

When they tried to rob a man of his wallet at gunpoint, things changed quickly.

The victim fired shots at the teenagers’ red Ford pickup truck, which was stolen the night before the robbery.

The teens then fled the scene and were pursued by officers to the southside of town from 3100 Dunbarton Oak Street to Snowgoose Road and Timbergate Drive, where the pickup struck a police unit and a light pole.

The driver of the vehicle fled the scene on foot and was caught a short distance from the crash.

Via Caller Times

The group of teens got a huge surprise when their intended victim pulled out his own firearm. They were certainly even more surprised when he started firing at them. The oldest teen, who was behind the wheel, hit the pedal and sped away.

However, the police were called and soon in pursuit of the wayward group of teenagers. Just when the teens thought their night could not get any worse, the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole. I am sure, at this point, they knew they were all ending up in jail.

All four teens were charged with multiple crimes. The ages of the teens range from 14-18, with two boys and two girls as part of the crew. The intended victim was fortunate to be carrying his firearm. When you have a group of people who don’t understand or appreciate consequences, very dangerous things can happen.

Kudos to the Police for catching these kids quickly and getting them off the street!

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