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Man Who Shot Neighbor Instead Of Deer Sentenced To Jail

COLLEGE TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA — A man from Pennsylvania, Michael Lloyd, who mistakenly shot his elderly neighbor instead of a deer, has been sentenced to jail. Lloyd, aged 41, will serve a minimum of three months and a maximum of 23 ½ months in the Centre County Correctional Facility. He must report to the jail by June 12.

In addition, his hunting license has been revoked for five years, and he has been ordered to pay $29,000 in restitution, which may increase depending on the elderly man’s additional medical treatments.

Lloyd shot the man while returning from a deer hunting trip in December 2021. Despite intending to shoot the deer, his .45-caliber handgun hit his neighbor instead. Lloyd promptly provided assistance and called 911.

He pleaded guilty to recklessly endangering another person and unlawfully taking or possessing game. Five charges were dropped. Lloyd’s lawyer requested probation, but the court considered the physical and emotional struggles faced by the injured elderly man and decided on a jail sentence.

The man’s wife described how he has been greatly affected, experiencing a decline in physical abilities, and now relying on glasses, hearing aids, blood thinners, and dealing with hallucinations.

Lloyd expressed remorse and apologized multiple times, claiming to have given away all his guns and renouncing hunting for the future.

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