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EQUALIZER: Responsibly-Armed Woman Puts Vengeful Ex Out of Commission

TULSA, OK — A woman shot her sister’s former partner when he broke into her apartment late last month, cutting miserably short any plans he may have had once inside, Tulsa World reports.

Apparently, the woman’s sister and her former significant other have had a dispute for some time at so severe a level that police had been previously dispatched on their accounts, although neither was arrested.

When things came to a head, however, this responsibly-armed woman was prepared to defend herself and her family.

As Tulsa World reports:

A woman shot her sister’s former partner after he reportedly broke into her apartment Monday afternoon in east Tulsa, police said. The man allegedly entered the residence around 5:20 p.m. The woman, who was home at the time, shot him once in the torso, Tulsa Police Cpl. Mike Hanley said. Emergency responders transported the man from the apartment, located in the 13000 block of East 30th Street, in an unknown condition.

Hanley said the man and woman’s sister have had an ongoing dispute for some time, and it was not immediately clear what led to his visit on Monday. Police were dispatched to the residence earlier this month in reference to the dispute, he said. Neither was arrested during the initial investigation.

This burglar is lucky he came out of the situation alive.

All too often, when a relationship ends poorly to the point of physical confrontation women are put at a disadvantage by stronger men — it’s not the case every time, but it happens frequently enough for concern.

When responsibly-armed, however, it’s a great deal easier to not only protect oneself, but as this scenario shows, protect those around you — perhaps people who haven’t the wisdom to arm themselves.

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