Father Fatally Shoots Son, Says Son Came At Him With Knife


PHOENIX, AZ — A Phoenix father is claiming that his son attacked him with a knife after he was forced to shoot and fatally wound his own son, AZ Central reports.

Police reportedly responded to the incident in Phoenix one afternoon earlier this month, and learned that there had been an argument that had escalated to the beginnings of a fight that left a father no choice but to fire on his own son.

The fight reportedly began with just a verbal argument, but things quickly spun out of control.

Escalating the fight drastically from verbal confrontation, the son produced a knife and threatened his father with it.

Unfortunately his father was two things:

    1. A responsibly-armed citizen.
    2. Not willing to become a victim.

The father, with no other choice to defend himself from mortal danger posed to him by his own son, produced a firearm and shot him.

The son was taken to a hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Far too often at Concealed Nation, we see family members fighting each other — sometimes it’s a deadly confrontation, and sometimes it’s not.

Fights like these are something no one ever likes to see — no father should ever have to forced to defend his life against his own son.

Although it’s unlikely many would blame the father for his actions, I do not envy him.

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