World Champion Shooter Takes on 2 Double 1911s Simultaneously [WATCH]

Jerry Charles Miculek, known to some as the greatest shooter of all time, and holds several shooting world records.

Not only is the guy a living legend — he also is an absolute joy to watch.

And you know what else is entertaining? That’s right, double-barreled 1911s.

They’re just novelties, but these two guns, AF2011-A1s made by Arsenal Firearms, look like they pack quite a punch.

And why shouldn’t they? That’s a lot of firepower!

According to the YouTube video posted of Miculek, what you’re about to see is the first recording of anyone shooting “4” 1911 pistols at once on camera and the first recording shooting 20 rounds in under 1.5 seconds, presumably with semi-automatic firearm.

On top of all that, Miculek’s people really know how to make a good video.

Take a look:

Those cameras are something, aren’t they?

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