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Chicago Sees Bloodiest Weekend of 2019… Dozens Shot

CHICAGO, IL — A staggering 52 people, at a minimum, were shot in Chicago over the last weekend, NBC News reports. Ten people were killed.

Let that sink in: 52 shot, and 10 dead.

NBC News reports that police superintendent Eddie Johnson has denounced the shocking level of incidents involving lethal force over the weekend a “despicable level of violence,” and it’s no wonder. It’s the most violent weekend in 2019 so far, according to The Daily Wire.

According to NBC News:

At a news conference, Johnson described how police were within blocks of some of the shootings — one commander in the Austin neighborhood was only a half-block away — and how “emboldened some of these individuals are” who opened fire.

Police attributed the majority of the gun violence to gangs, and Johnson ordered targeted patrols in areas where retaliation is likely to occur, including the West Side and the South Side districts.

In total, 92 firearms were seized since Friday, he added, “nearly double the amount of guns that we take in during a particular weekend.”

At least 19 arrests were made on gun-related charges. As of Monday morning, police did not make arrests in connection with the homicides, which included two domestic-related stabbings, although Johnson said there was “very good reason to believe” arrests were forthcoming.

Much of the violence unfolded in the first 12 hours of the weekend, and carried into early Monday, police said… Many of the shootings occurred on streets as people were standing on corners or sitting in front of their homes or driving when an assailant suddenly opened fire.

NBC News

Although not all of the fatal exchanges were the result of firearms being misused, the staggering number of shootings are enough to make something clear to men and women on every shade of the political spectrum:

Something’s gotta give.

Now, the odds of a sizable portion of this violence being committed by gang feuding is pretty good — people sitting on their front stoops and getting shot at, at least where I’m from, tends to indicate that. But there is absolutely no question that innocent people were shot at, shot, and killed this weekend.

Those people were seriously hampered in their ability to defend themselves by the unbelievable gun laws in Chicago, Illinois.

When is this going to end?

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