Biker Gang Shootout Leaves Nine Dead In Waco Texas Restaurant Parking Lot

WACO, TEXAS — Three rival motorcycle gangs turned a restaurant and parking lot into a shooting gallery Sunday afternoon at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas.

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Nine people were killed, and several others were injured. It is not yet known if all the fatalities were gang members, or if any innocent bystanders were killed or injured. Police report that none of their officers were injured during the fiasco.

Witnesses describe a chaotic scene inside the restaurant, where a brawl spilled out into the parking lot. The fight started with fists and knives, and then quickly turned to gunfire.

A witness who was having lunch across the parking lot at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant said he and his family had just finished eating and walked into the parking lot when they heard several gunshots and saw wounded being taken from the fight scene.

“We crouched down in front of our pick-up truck because that was the only cover we had,” the man, who asked not to be identified, said.

Police say the gangs have been having disputes for a while now, and they were monitoring the situation for weeks. You know, kinda like babysitting for adults who can’t be productive members of society.

Multiple injuries to include multiple fatalities at Twin Peak Shooting. Officers were on scene when shooting started. No officers have been injured.

Posted by Waco Police Department on Sunday, May 17, 2015

This story is developing.

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