[VIDEO] If Someone Is Striking People With A Vehicle, That’s Justification For The Use Of Deadly Force

A video has been circulating on social media over the last week, gathering over 1 million views as of this article. The video shows a driver hitting multiple people after some sort of argument broke out in a parking lot.

Two women can be seen literally flying through the air as they are struck by the vehicle.

While I’m not sure what led to this altercation, it would seem that the people struck by the vehicle were not a deadly threat to the driver. If that’s the case, this would pass as an acceptable time to use deadly force against the person behind the wheel.

Take a look at the video here. Be warned that it’s graphic, and also contains some nudity.

Some on the video found this to be entertaining, but maybe they failed to realize that either one of the people struck by the car could have easily been killed.

Question to the concealed carriers out there; If you were at this location during the incident, would you have done anything to intervene? Or would you have kept your distance and called police?

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