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New Yorkers Head To Pennsylvania To Buy Ammo Because Of Gun Laws

Since the implementation of the SAFE Act in New York on September 13, which imposes stringent ammunition purchase regulations including background checks, record-keeping of serial numbers, and a $2.50 fee per transaction, many New Yorkers are opting to buy ammunition in Pennsylvania.

This law has significantly burdened New York gun shop owners, like Josh Hawkins of Just Holster It Firearms and Training Center, who finds the process cumbersome and frustrating. Customers are now required to undergo background checks for every purchase, causing delays.

The impact is felt by gun store owners in Pennsylvania, such as Kory Edwards of Valley Gun Works, who faces challenges in maintaining inventory due to the sudden surge in demand from New Yorkers.

The complexity of the new law has led to increased business in Pennsylvania, while some smaller shops in New York have closed to avoid the compliance challenges posed by the SAFE Act.

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