The Bulletproof Hoodie Is Here, And It’ll Stop A 44 Magnum

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It’s a sad day, really, that we need these inventions.

This particular one, the Wonder Hoodie, was created after a neighborhood shooting where a woman was robbed and then shot multiple times in the chest. She didn’t make it.

“Last year, my next door neighbor, a Vietnamese mother of two was just walking home when she was approached for her purse, she wouldn’t give it up and they had a struggle and the person ended up shooting her eight times in the chest, she died right there, right in front of her home and mine,” said 25-year-old owner Vy Tran.

When reality hits close to home, many of us want to take action. I commend Tran with her innovation and desire to get something like this to market.

I’m a big fan of hoodies, so I was pretty excited to hear of such a development.

They aren’t cheap though, starting at $450 for kids. An adult version will run you a few hundred more, but it doesn’t seem all that bad considering what you’re actually getting.

Check it out here and let us know what your impressions/thoughts are.

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