Update On PA Church Shooting: Concealed Carrier Charged, Brandished Firearm And CCW ‘Badge’


The shooting that occurred on Sunday at a church in Pennsylvania has been investigated, and today police released their findings during a press conference.

Here is the timeline of events, as outlined during the press conference:

  1. The victim, 27-year-old Robert Braxton, was a part of a verbal altercation when a congregation member sitting behind him, tapped Braxton on the shoulder and told him that his seat was already taken.
  2. A verbal argument occurred, and Braxton was later calmed down and things settled. Church members came to Braxton to calm things down and then walked away once things were settled.
  3. The defendant, identified as 46-year-old Mark Storms, then approached Braxton with his firearm already out, as well as a badge.
  4. The badge was determined to be a badge stating that he is a concealed carrier, likely similar to this one.
  5. A physical altercation then occurred, and punches were thrown between Braxton and Storms.
  6. Storms then fired two shots at Braxton, killing him.

Storms was arrested today and charged with voluntary manslaughter and recklessly endangering others.

Check this space for updates.

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