Neighbor Captures Video Of 3 Burglar Suspects Being Held At Gunpoint By Man Not Having It

ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA — Stephen Routh received a phone call from his parent’s neighbors saying that a few suspicious people were on the property, and possibly inside the home.

Routh watches over the home, and quickly headed over to see what was going on.

When he arrived, three teens were exiting the rear entrance of the home. They probably weren’t expecting to see a person standing outside with a gun pointed a them.

Watch the video of the incident below:

The teens ranged in age from 13 to 17, and all were taken into custody by police.

In the video, you can see Routh with his handgun in one hand and his phone in the other. A 911 operator was on the other end, and was able to quickly send police to the scene.

While the teens didn’t take anything of value from the home, they did a number on the inside. Routh says he can only hope that the teens learned a valuable lesson out of all this.

“There have been too many instances lately of home invasions and things like this where they get caught,” he told local media. “And some people have been shot and killed, especially those home invasions. People are not taking this mess anymore.”

These teens are lucky to have escaped with their lives, and let’s hope they make some changes in their decision-making processes.

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