This Man Kicked Down The Door Of The Wrong Homeowner


LAKELAND, FL — A young man got a shotgun blast straight to his front as soon as he kicked in the front door of a stranger’s home in the middle of the night, despite multiple warnings that on the other side of that door was an armed — and pretty ticked — homeowner.

He didn’t really have a chance.

As Fox 13 reports:

Just after 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Lakeland Police responded to the 1400 block of Shorewood Place after receiving a call that a house was being broken into. When they arrived, they found that 19-year-old Gabriel Jacobs had been shot with a shotgun by the owner of the home.

The owner told police that they were awoken by the sound of their doorbell. The owner immediately called the police and tried to communicate with Jacobs through the closed front door. Jacobs continued to ring the door bell, yell profanities and kick the door. The owner of the home warned Jacobs that he was armed with a shotgun. He ignored the warnings and was shot as he came through the front door.

Police say they found an abandoned vehicle belonging to Jacobs’ stepfather in addition to several traffic signs knocked to the ground in the area. Jacobs is currently listed in critical condition. He will be charged with burglary pending his release from the hospital.

I’ll give this homeowner credit — he gave Jacobs, a deadly threat, way, way more opportunity to back off than I would have.

Granted, shooting buckshot through a front door is not as easy as other firearms, and there are certainly risks in shooting firearms from the inside and directing it outward, but more to the point — I wouldn’t have answered the door, or warned the man. Anything that can deny a home invader information as to who or where you are is often preferable.

Make sure you have a home defense plan for situations just like these.

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