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Car Sales Lot Turns Into Battlefield As Armed Citizen Dukes It Out With Pair of Thugs

PROSPECT, CT — A man was shot and killed by an armed citizen when he and an accomplice attempted to rob and assault multiple people in an auto sales establishment.

Their attempt was cut pretty brutally short, as police would soon discover.

Connecticut State Police are investigating an attempted robbery in Prospect that left one person dead on Friday night. Troopers were dispatched to Route 69 Auto Sales shortly before 7 p.m. after getting a report of an attempted robbery.

NBC Connecticut

Before they arrived, however, some serious drama unfolded at the scene of the incident including multiple armed robbers and one citizen at the right place at the right time for every innocent citizen around him. 

When the attempted robbery began, the thugs saw fit to assault those in the store — big mistake. It was an even bigger mistake to let the permitted carrier inside draw on them. 

Police said two men entered the store and began assaulting at least three people inside. During that time, one of the victims, who police said is a legal permit holder in Connecticut, fired at least one shot and both suspects fled on foot.

According to police, one of the suspects was struck by at least one bullet and was found dead behind the store. The second suspect is still at large.

NBC Connecticut

Now, Connecticut isn’t one of the states that leaps to mind when you think “heavily armed”, but when stories like this break, I’ll bet there are a lot of citizens that will think a little better of their armed neighbors from now on.

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