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Woman Uses Gun In Self-Defense, Killing Suspect, Saving Children And Self

MCMINNVILLE, TENNESSEE — In McMinnville, a woman exhibited remarkable courage by neutralizing a threatening man, thereby protecting herself and her children. District Attorney General Chris Stanford reported the incident that happened on Monday, revealing the immediate response of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and McMinnville City Police Department to a shooting on Grandview Avenue.

The deceased was identified as Maurice Malone, 38, who had been fatally shot in the chest. The investigation revealed that the shooter, Desiree Mears, had a legitimate and rational fear that Malone’s ongoing and previous menacing conduct posed an imminent risk to her and her minor children.

Stanford deemed the shooting death as a justifiable act of self-defense and defense of others, resulting in no charges against Mears. He praised Mears in a press statement for her courage under extreme duress, emphasizing that her brave actions likely saved her life and her children’s. He stated that standing against violence is challenging for victims, adding an appeal to the public to respect the privacy of Mears and her children in this taxing period. He further stated that taking a life is never easy, even when it’s a justified act, as in this case.

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