Terrifying Video From School Shooting In Texas Demonstrates 2021 Mental Health Crisis

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Police believe that a fight broke out between two groups of students at Timberview High School in Arlington, and multiple people were shot as a result.

This doesn’t sound like the school shootings that we’ve come to know, but more about beef between immature teens who can’t settle disputes in non violent ways.

A video is circulating that shows students in class when gunshots are heard in the background. It’s terrifying for anyone there, and I can’t imagine what was going through their heads.

Kevin Kolbye, the Arlington Police Department’s assistant chief, said there were four victims in total from the shooting. He said three of the victims were taken to the hospital and the other victim refused treatment.

Police said in a press conference that three of the victims were students and one was an older person, though it’s unclear if the latter victim was a teacher or other staff member.

The oldest victim, who Dallas News identified as a 25-year-old, is reportedly in “good condition” along with one other victim. One student, a 15-year-old, is in “critical condition,” according to the publication.

Via Insider

Is it a mental health problem when teens open fire on campus, or anywhere for that matter, on other people? Yes. You are not of sound mind if you are willing to kill someone during some beef at high school. Your life is on the wrong path, and your brain is not functioning properly.

One person was taken into custody after showing up at the police station with his attorney.

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