If You See A Clown This Halloween…

…It might be a prank.

We’ve talked about this a lot, and it usually comes in the form of some stupid YouTuber who is hunting for millions of views. You know what kind of videos we’re talking about; they pretend to chase after unsuspecting victims with fake knives, chainsaws or similar weapons. While it’s never really known if the targets are participating in the video or not, there’s always this one that we like to share:

And this one:


Participating or not, these pranks are stupid and simply looking for YouTube fame. There are other ways to get that fame, and it’s going to be an “I told you so” moment if the day comes that one of these ‘pranksters’ is actually shot by an armed citizen.

In the unlikely event that you’re in this situation, do your best to realize whether or not you’re up against an actual threat. Their aggressive manner in the videos, however, would more than likely warrant a self-defense situation in which a firearm was at least drawn.

Some other clown pranks, however, are hilarious.

If you’re wondering about the clown picture at the top of this article, that’s Nathan, the Marketing Director of CrossBreed Holsters. We were on a video call a few weeks ago when I grabbed the screenshot while he was trying out some new filters. I told him that I’d use it in an article one day, to which he replied “You’d better not.” Sorry, buddy.

He’s also not a big fan of clowns. His co-workers know this, and decided to set up a delivery for him to receive…

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