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Thug Tries To Rob Concealed Carrier; Gets Shot Instead and Goes To Jail

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Sometimes it seems that these kinds of stories happen a lot, but unfortunately, they are rarely covered by the larger news organizations. We can never really have enough of these stories which prove guns in the hands of law abiding citizens save lives; and that people will defend themselves when given a fair chance.

A robbery plot ended with the alleged suspect wounded and in a hospital bed Monday afternoon. Atlanta Police said they were called to the 200 block of Forsyth Street around 1:15 p.m. to respond to the scene. Officers said they found a man at the location injured.

The shooter stayed on the scene and told officers a man approached him and tried to rob him. In order to prevent the robbery, he told police pulled out his gun and shot the man. The alleged suspect tried to leave the scene after being injured, but police said he was taken into custody by nearby officers.

EMS arrived to render aid to the man and took him to Grady Medical Detention.

Via 11Alive

At the time the story was published, the police were still investigating. It appears the would-be robber has claimed that he, in fact, was the victim and they got it all wrong. Well, one thing is true, he did get the losing end of a gun fight as he was shot multiple times during his attempted robbery.

Kudos to the concealed carrier for defending himself and being prepared. He also showed responsibility by waiting for the police to arrive and cooperating to make sure he provided them with all the facts. Having to fire your weapon in self-defense at another human being can be emotional and terrifying if you have never had to do it before. Staying calm and waiting for the police to help you is a good rule of thumb in those instances.

When police arrived and chased down the wounded suspect he was taken to a medical detention facility where he will recover before spending time in a cell.

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