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There’s An App For That — Homeowner Spots Intruder On Surveillance App, Father Comes To The Rescue

TAMPA, FLORIDA — When a woman used a home surveillance app to monitor a potential break-in, she called her father to come by the home and investigate. According to surveillance footage taken from the scene, Michael Stewart, 23, was caught rummaging through her possessions with socks on his hands. Her father arrived at the scene just in time to see Stewart leaving through the front door. When the father Stewart had some unidentified object in his hand, he felt a grave threat to his own person and fired one shot in the man’s upper torso — neutralizing him.

According to records obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, this wasn’t Stewart’s first rodeo. The criminal, in this case, was out on bail.

via Tampa Bay Times

State records show Stewart was released from state prison in April after serving nearly six years for multiple counts of burglary and grand theft. On Aug. 11, Stewart was arrested by Tampa police and charged in another, unrelated burglary. He was released on $9,500 bail.

That’s what we’re dealing with. The legal system is not designed to subdue or stop threats in the community. It is designed to incarcerate and fine those who violate the law. With this experienced criminal on the street, there are absolutely no surprises. After a career in burglary, he got caught continuing his chosen profession while out on bail.

For this concealed carrier looking to defend himself and his daughter’s property, he took no chances. At the first sign of a threat, he neutralized the bad guy and waited for police to show up.

The concealed carrier cooperated with police and will not be facing any charges. The crook will likely survive and live to face multiple consecutive sentences for both the previous burglary, his prior convictions, and this burglary.

Here’s a further tip: bad guys don’t act alone.

Because this woman had surveillance video inside her home, she was able to detect the intruder and record his movements. That’s a slam-dunk case for the prosecution. But inside that footage is evidence that this burglar was on his cell phone. He’s talking to someone. How much you want to bet it’s an accomplice?

We have to take our safety seriously. Call the police, record the footage, and defend your property and self to the fullest extent of the law.

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