Why We Home Carry: Man Launches Backyard Assault on Couple With Iron Pole


LAKEWOOD, CA — A crazed man is very likely regretting his iron pole-based assault on a Californian when his attack faltered under the fire of a responsibly-armed citizen, NBC 4 reports.

It’s not clear whether the man was trying to harm or kill the man and woman in the backyard, trying to rob them, or just was looking for an easy way to stage a home invasion. Whatever his goal, however, he was only capable of sending one of the would-be victims to the hospital, which is where he ended up as well.

According to NBC 4:

A Lakewood couple was attacked in their own backyard Monday afternoon by an intruder armed with a large iron pole. Deputies responded to a burglary call on Barlin Avenue near Candlewood Street, an area known to be calm and quiet, at around 5 p.m.

The intruder passed the home’s fence and went into the backyard where he began attacking a man and a woman with an iron pole. One of the injured victims then grabbed a gun, fired off one round and hit the intruder. Detectives collected evidence and found what seems to be a bullet lodged in one of the lawn chairs.”Someone came into your backyard, you had a gun to defend yourself… you’re more within your rights,” said neighbor Rodney Tidwell.

The attacker and one of the victims were transported to the hospital, but details about their conditions were not immediately available.

This is, by the way, why we carry at the home.

You can feel totally safe in the comfort of your backyard — I certainly am, I love my neighborhood — but it only takes one guy who is having a royally bad day to shatter that safety.

If this couple was unarmed, they may very well have not survived the assault.

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