How Many Days Do You NOT Carry Throughout The Year?

Life is life, and things will happen that sometimes won’t allow us to carry our firearm. Are we going on vacation in another country where we aren’t allowed to carry? Are we vacationing in Manhattan where you’d be SOL if they find you carrying a firearm? Are you a college student that goes to school on a campus that doesn’t allow carry?

In any event, if there are any in your life, how many days each year do you leave your firearm behind?

I’d say in the past year, I’ve had the following times where I didn’t/couldn’t bring my firearm:

  • A trip to NY (my permit is no longer valid since I moved)
  • A day where I needed to visit a school
  • Jet-skiing trips (I would bring my firearm, but obviously not while out on the jetski)

In total, I think that I’m looking at a total of 17 days firearmless. No, I’m not sure that’s a word either.

That doesn’t seem bad compared to what I can assume to be a higher average among the general public.

If you do some quick calculations, how many days in the last year have you not have your firearm with you for the entire day?

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