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Deadly Domestic Violence: Man Shot And Killed After Breaking Through Front Door, Armed Defender Lawyers Up Quickly

BUFFALO, NEW YORK — If you’re under the impression that New York is filled with gun-hating people, you’d be entirely wrong. Much of that hate comes from the city, while the rest of the state is largely pro-gun.

With that, there are plenty of armed citizens that make up the Empire State, and they’re ready and willing to defend themselves.

Union County Sheriff David Taylor said the incident occurred just after midnight Tuesday in the vicinity of 1202 Main St., Buffalo. When deputies arrived they found a man laying in the front yard of a home.

EMS was called to the scene and medics were unable to revive the man later identified as 27-year-old Victor De Andre Tiwo Hair of 1202 Main St., Buffalo.

Taylor said deputies found Hair lying on a weapon when they arrived. Hair had been shot while inside the home after he kicked open the front door brandishing a weapon.

Two children, a man and a woman were inside the home when Hair broke into it, Taylor said. The woman ran down toward the bedroom when Hair started firing his weapon.

Taylor said Hair was met in the hallway by Antwan Manquel Booker, 34, of Union who exchanged gunfire with him. Hair was struck by gunfire and ran from the home falling in the front yard where he died.

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After the shooting, Booker and the woman got to safety after determining that Hair had acted alone.

The next move that Booker made was to get to his attorney, which he did in a hurry. The attorney then called Taylor to let him know that his client was with him, and they organized a time for them to come down to the police station to provide a statement.

After receiving statements from Booker and additional witnesses, investigators determined that the incident stemmed from a domestic violence call on Sunday.

Hair was known to police, and at the time was being actively sought for multiple charges.

Deputies had outstanding warrants on Hair for domestic violence third degree and two counts of assault and battery third degree. Taylor said deputies had been unable to locate Hair and the woman living at the house where the shooting occurred had changed the locks because she was in fear of her and her children’s safety.

Booker, who was invited into the home where the incident took place, acted in self-defense and will not face any charges.

One of the best parts of this story, from an armed citizen standpoint, was Booker’s move to get with his attorney after the incident to ensure his safety when giving a statement to police. This is always advised, to have your attorney present when doing this, and to not speak with police until your attorney is with you.

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